Nobody puts our Babys in the corner!!With our 80s party you’ll get to relive all those totally rad moments. So grab your legwarmers and your lycra girls and get ready to step back in time to the 80’s!Whether you want to be a kid from Fame or a girl who just wants to have fun, we’ve got it all in the jam packed class that goes on a non stop tour through your 80s faves from Footloose to Flashdance.


It’s time to take those iconic steps from out of the living room and put them into practise.Learn the King of Pop’s legendary moves ending with his classic Thriller routine.You’ll be moonwalking like a pro and perfecting all MJ’s moves. So get some Zombies together and let’s perfect the most iconic dance routine ever!


Well Hello Ladies! Flutter those lashes, lace up your corsets and step into the world of Burlesque!With us we’ll perfect all your pin up poses and shimmies and get you reacquainted with those feather boas and stockings.Come and discover your inner minx in our classy but cheeky class.

Can Can

Arrrrrr! Flash your frillies and kick your legs, welcome to the Moulin Rouge.This high energy Can Can class will have you high kicking and skirt swishing throughout.So grab your skirt, give a cheeky wink and get ready to flash that derriere in a brilliantly fun class that will end in fits of laughter.


Calling all aspiring Beyonces and Madonnas. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking centre stage this party has your name all over it.Step into the spotlight and strut your stuff like your favourite idols.If you want to strike a pose like Madonna, spin around like Kylie or you’re a little Gaga monster then this is perfect for you.


Take a leaf out of Lizas book with our classy and understated 1920s themed party. Dance your heart out to Broadway classics and be prepared to be razzled and dazzled by the transformation of your party into sophisticated, sexy Cabaret dancers.


Get your Pigtails and Pom Poms ready as you transform into a Cheerleading squad.  You will master the art of shaking those Poms as well as chanting and maybe even a cheeky stunt!


Get your Girl Power back with our 90’s party.  If you want to ‘Spice up your life’ or ‘Relight your Fire’ then this class full of 90’s tunes is for you.

Hen Party Prices

For groups of 10 – 20 people
For groups of 10 – 20 the price of £20 per person will apply. This will include venue, free gift for hen and a 2 hour party package of your choice.


Hen Party Prices

For groups of 6 – 9 people
For groups containing 6 to 9 people the price of £24.00 per person will apply. This will include venue, free gift for hen and a 2 hour party package of your choice.


Party Packages

If you don’t see something that tickles your fancy why not consider a bespoke package. Just give us a call or email with some of your ideas and we’ll get back to you!

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